The Changing Nature of Work


Word count requirements The word count for this assignment is 3,000 words. Use a sans serif font like Calibri or Arial, size 12, double spacing. – The word count does not include: limit. You must observe the word count specified in this assignment brief. The School has a policy of accepting variations to the recommended word count of plus or minus 10%. The word count includes: the main text, including in-text reference citations and quotations. – Appendices. These may be used to include supporting data which may be too detailed or complex to include as a Table. They are not a device to incorporate material which would otherwise cause you to exceed the word – Title page – Contents page – Abstract/executive summary – Tables, figures, legends – Reference lists – Acknowledgements Assignment: The Changing Nature of Work 3000 words Please choose ONE of the essays from the titles below: 1) ‘To understand contemporary management, we need to understand its history’. To what extent are aspects of earlier 20th Century forms of organisation such as Fordism, Taylorism and Bureaucracy still relevant to management practice today? 2) ‘Covid—19 has provided the catalyst for dramatically changing our use of information technologies in the workplace.’ Evaluate this statement using examples that you are familiar with. 3) Weick (1993) describes organizations as places where humans can learn ways of being or becoming in the world. To what extent does a person’s work determine who they are, both as an individual and a member of society? 4) ‘Managing organisation culture is about consensus—building’. To what extent can management attempts to influence culture overcome resistance, conflict and tension at work? Use two examples to help make your case. 5) Is it important for managers to give consideration to the aesthetics and layout of work—spaces? How might the management of space benefit organisations and those who are employed in them? END OF ASSESSMENT TASK Example Feedback Form The York Management School Module code: [module leader please insert] Module Title: [module leader please insert] Generic marking criteria G1: Argument G2: Structure G3: Use of sources G4: Referencing G5: Presentation Module specific learning outcomes relevant to this assessment [module leader please insert from module specification] S1 Understand how societal norms and legislative structures have helped shape the workplace over time S2 Understand how the different interests of parties can undermine contractual and relational expectations S3 Understand how societal norms and management trends have helped shape and change the workplace S4 Understand the economic, organisational, and socio-psychological mechanisms that can lead to workplace conflict S5 Recognise the ways contemporary organizations might differ from historic ones and assess a range of management ideas or practises from a critical perspective Comments on assessment criteria: The marker will insert feedback based on the generic marking criteria and module specific learning outcomes. Suggestions for improvement:

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The Changing Nature of Work
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