An analysis of China’s economic, economic-technical and military rise from a defensive neorealist perspective.


The newspapers are full of reports of China’s economic, scientific, technical, and military rise to become a superpower.Discuss and analyze this process from a defensive neorealistic perspective as an example! Why did you choose this type of neorealism? Justify your choice! (You may also explain what neorealism is, what makes it different to realism and why neorealism in general is better for analyzing, etc.)  In the appendix you will find two sources (Mearsheimer as a representative of offensive neoralism and Waltz as a representative of defensive neorealism), which you must use and compare in the essay.Above all, please answer the thesis: Why Waltz with defensive neorealism is better suited for analysis than Mearsheimer. I also included a text from session about Realism which you can use to explain realism in general.  And please, if you refer to any of the authors (which I expect) or any other source, please do not forget the page numbers.  My lecturer has expressly pointed out that she expects a closeness to the two texts (Wahltz and Mearsheimer) that I have in the appendix and less a focus on China’s development. So please do not only just describe China’s development, rather include the defensive neorealist perspective directly in every passage you have. Format: Please structure the essay with an introduction where you introduce what you are analyzing (see title) and how you are going to that. In the main party, you support your thesis from the introduction. In the summary, please just sum it up and include (a bit) of your opinion.  • Font: Times New Roman (font size 12 pt) or Arial (font size 11 pt) • Line spacing: 1.5 • Margins: top 2.5 cm, bottom 2.0 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 4 cm

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An analysis of China’s economic, economic-technical and military rise from a defensive neorealist perspective.
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Morgenthau 48 Politics among Nations The Struggle for Power and Peace3-15 123-145 265-287 Waltz 1979 Theory of international politics Kap2 102-128 Mearsheimer 2001 Anarchy and the Struggle for Power 29-54

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