Adam Smith, Ethics, Religion, and Economics


Adam Smith has a philosophy of free-market thought. How does religion fit in? How has Cicero (specifically, De Officiis) influenced Smith? What is new here and what has happened since Cotrugli (I will attach my previous paper on Cortrugli)? In other words, what are Adam Smith’s ethics and religion of economics? The paper should focus on one thing, for example: What does Smith think about selfishness, or what does he see as making markets work?  Then just go through and find examples to back up your thesis. You can keep it simple.  You could discuss Smith’s view of virtue, or the impartial spectator, or examples of Stoic thought. Please draw on sources from The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. Feel free to quote philosophical or religious sources that influenced Smith.

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Adam Smith, Ethics, Religion, and Economics
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