Analysis for a start-up confectioner


4. Written Assignment Signature Assignment Paper Outline This week, you will start working on your signature assignment. The deliverable this week is a simple outline of the business report you are to compose for your signature assignment paper, which is due in week 9. An outline only includes your headings and subheadings. This outline is due on Sunday, at the end of week 8. Include a cover and reference page.  Please carefully review the Food Report 2019 – Confectionery. The report contains statistical information and can be found in Week 8. Setting: You work as an analyst for a start-up confectioner who produces high-end chocolates and pralines to be sold in retail stores such as Macy’s. Your boss asked you to take a look at the Consumer Market Outlook and prepare a report for her. Instructions: For your report, you are to decide how you want to structure it, what information you want to include, and how you will present pertinent information to your boss. You are not to use the graphs and tables from the Food Report provided to you, but you are to create your own. You must create headings and subheadings and give them pertinent titles. This is not a simple task and will take time and thoughtful consideration after reviewing the Food Report 2019! Only provide the outline for your report. Your grade will depend on the elements of your report as well as the logic used for your headings and subheadings. Guidelines for assignment:   The outline should be one (1) page, not including a cover and reference page.   Use sources to support your answers. Make sure you follow APA guidelines.  Submit it in a Word file, not PDF.  Make sure your Turnitin scores are lower than 20% (excluding similarity from common words, headings, and references). Your paper will be graded by the rubric below.

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Analysis for a start-up confectioner
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