Brief Messages and Proposal Writing


Within the Discussion Board area, write 300–500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Choose your favorite company or a company related to your field of study, and then review a press release made by that company (usually located on the company’s Web site). Include the link to the company’s press release within your primary post so that your fellow classmates can review it. After reviewing the press release, discuss the following: Who is the intended audience of the press release? What is the main message that the company is trying to communicate? Explain 1 of the strengths of this press release. Explain 1 of the weaknesses of this press release. Peer Responses: Review two of your classmates’ posts and provide your thoughts about the press release that they selected. Consider the same questions that you did when you reviewed your press release, as follows: Do you agree with your peer’s assessment of the strengths? Do you agree with your peer’s assessment of the weaknesses? Did you notice anything else about this press release such as tone, composition, or word choice? Reading and Learning Materials  Use the following resources to help you complete this assignment:  Professional Communication in the Workplace: Chapters 6 and 7  Writing Commons: Amanda Wray’s “What to Think about When Writing for a Particular Audience”  A resource to help you think more deeply about audience and purpose Unit 2 Discussion Board Grading Criteria Maximum Points Selected a relevant press release, included link to the press release, and identified the main message of the press release 25 Discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the press release and its overall effectiveness 25 Included at least 2 follow-up responses to peers 12 Peer responses added new depth or insight to the current conversation and encouraged further conversation 8 Utilized appropriate grammar and spelling 5 Total 75

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Brief Messages and Proposal Writing
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