Adoption Market (Economics)


Double space, 12 font, all the way through The economics of the adoption market in the US is the subject Title page Page 2 is abstract Page 3 Title of paper one more time, page 3 will start with introduction what I am going to do, why I am doing it, importance to profession and self, explains the structure of the paper in detail. Page 4 literature survey go over each paper and what they provide (10 sources min) Page 5-12 go over papers. (can be 5-8) Page13-20+ Arguments/models, observations /Pages13-20 Data presented /Pages 20+ Conclusions /Pages 20+ Summary Last pages are all sources in bibliographic form Since this is a literature review format, the data just needs to be quotations and sources cited throughout the paper. I would prefer US based sources as this topic is relatively broad, however, US researchers studying foreign adoption markets is still applicable as many compare their results to domestic issues in the end. Again, since this is a literature review I am not too concerned with making a claim and proving it, it is more applicable that I want to explore relevant  literature surrounding the topic for a more complete and whole view of the issue/market..Essay Instructions (1)

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Adoption Market (Economics)
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