Atacama Corridor


To write a concise geography of a defined region focusing on the five principal themes of geography. Describe and Explain the geography of the region bearing in mind five themes that are often used to define geography. These are: 1) location, 2) place (including scale aspects), 3) movement (including time elements), 4) human-environment interactions, and 5) regions (or sub-regions). An equal depth of analysis is required. However, some consideration of all themes should be present in the assignment. Maps, figures, or tables are likely essential to your presentation, but they must be germane and captioned (cut and pasted versions of such are acceptable) Give a good title to the essay This is a region in western South America that has a long history of dispute between countries and has an important strategic position and unique environment. It is NOT the same as the Atacama Desert. Be certain to be mindful of both the human and physical landscapes.

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Atacama Corridor
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