How does social media affect relationships?


This will be a persuasive argument, because your goal is to either get your audience to agree with you and take action or at least to agree that you have a valid point and be open to possible changes because of your argument.  This essay will require all of the following:  1,500-word minimum  ¨ Correct MLA (2009 version) in-text citations and Works Cited page ¨ URLs for websites are not required, but keep track of them in case your instructor has a question about a source used.   ¨ A minimum of 5 “valid,” unbiased, objective, journalistic type sources (from library databases, edu/org/gov websites, or sites like PBS or Newsweek or CNN; personal interviews with authorities on the subject; newspaper/magazine/journal articles from trusted sources.)  ¨ No WIKI, no personal websites, no blogs or tweets. No use of first person in this essay. Use third person only.   ¨ Use logos, ethos and pathos to convince your audience regarding your claim (see course lecture section for more info).  ¨ Do NOT use any logical fallacies.

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How does social media affect relationships?
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