Advertisement Analysis


Describe, deconstruct, and analyze the advertisement by answering the following items: Where did you find the advertisement ? Briefly describe the scenario depicted in the advertisement. What product is advertised? Who is the audience for this advertisement? How do you know this? Identify the main claim in the advertisement. Is the claim credible? Why or why not? Use class terminology to explain. What might make the claim more credible? What might make it less credible? How does the author use rhetorical strategies to sell this product to its audience? Does the advertisement reveal any cognitive biases? Which ones and how? This would give you an idea to get started my essay For example you could choose a topic about  eating healthy  what affect it has on the body and how exercising you live longer eating veggies & fruits ,  statistics on  teen pregnancy drop out of school, or celebrities on social media advisement fake facial  products reporting few news to get more like on their Instagram. Source must come from website article, blogs  , library ,journals website , government news , cdc    no Wikipedia or encyclopedia are not credible source  Good website pregnancy Website on exercising and eating healthy

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Advertisement Analysis
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