Recreation and Leisure


Please select one of the following prompts to write about. See at the end for format and length. Prompt One Apply a learned concept or concepts to a specific population group. Identify the psychological, sociological, and physiological significance of the group within the context of recreation and leisure in the leisure service delivery system. Recognize and include the technological, economic, and political impacts the group may face. Prompt Two How did the history of the parks and recreation movement in the United States contribute to diverse community leisure service delivery systems? How did that contribute to today’s function of government, nonprofits, and commercial agencies? What are some of the provisions of recreation programs and services offered to the diverse populations, including gender and ethnic differences, age, and ability? Prompt Three What are recognizable and societal trends that impact the delivery of recreational services? Examine challenges facing the professional in the future. Discuss issues and challenges within the park and recreation professions. Directions Submit a 2 to 3-page paper in Canvas. Font: Times New Roman, 11-point. Cite references in APA. A title or abstract page is not required—limit in paper citations to two. Double space. Provide full name.  Submissions must be a pdf. A working document will not be accepted. No acceptions.  No rubric; I will grade on content, accuracy, critical thinking, and organization for introduction, body, and conclusion. Grammar mistakes will result in one point marked off for punctuation errors and incorrectly used words.

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Recreation and Leisure
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