Global Business Issues


Unit 3 – Individual Project  View  Assignment Details for Unit 3 – Individual Project as PDF Assignment Overview Type:  Individual Project Unit:  Global Business Issues Due Date:  Wed,12/9/20 Grading Type:  Numeric Points Possible:  125 Points Earned:  Points Earned not available Deliverable Length:  250–250 words (these will be turned into slides and added to your Key Assignment) View objectives for this assignment Go To: Assignment Details Assignment Description An ethical dilemma is one where there is no clear right or wrong options, just consequences to decisions. Managers are often faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Understanding how to make ethical decisions is an important skill for all managers. For this assignment, choose a country that is affected by the trade agreement that you studied in this week’s Discussion Board. Write a paper explaining how to work with the following ethical dilemma: You continue to conduct due diligence required to make a sound decision on doing business in the subject country. A colleague of yours who has done business working with the country in question suggests that if you make a bribe to the government official involved, the deal will go much smoother. Without the bribe, you might lose the deal altogether. Your competitor is willing to make the bribe if you do not. This is a normal everyday practice in this country and is in no way illegal. Use the Project Management Institute (PMI) Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making for this assignment. Document each of the 5 steps to show how you made your final decision. What do you do, and why? Reference Project Management Institute (PMI). (2011). PMI ethical decision making framework (EDMF). Retrieved from

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Global Business Issues
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