Conduct an in-depth analysis of an Advertising, PR, or Marketing campaign of a U.S. company that has branches in other countries. Select a campaign that had national or regional exposure and used different types of media. You should include a detailed discussion of the main message, execution styles, media strategies, and other campaign tactics that may appeal or not appeal to various multicultural groups. Briefly mention the outcomes of the campaign (i.e., whether it is successful or not). You will also conduct a SWOT analysis of the campaign where you will include a detailed discussion on what should be improved to target the audience based on what we learned in the class (i.e., what stereotypes should be avoided, what values should be emphasized and so forth). The 6-page requirement does NOT include your title page, research materials, or references. Follow APA style, use 12-point Times New Roman. Complete a 6-page APA style report.

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