Final: Essay Portion


Instructions: Choose any of two of the civilizations covered in this course (i.e., China and India). Then, in a 750 word essay, answer the following questions: Describe how each developed from its beginnings to 1500 CE. Compare and contrast their institutional and cultural development. GSV Essay Rubric GSV Essay Rubric 标准 等级 得分 此标准已链接至学习结果 Knowledge of the material 50.0 到 >30.0 得分 Superior knowledge of material. 30.0 到 >20.0 得分 Solid grasp of the issues. 20.0 到 >10.0 得分 Some knowledge of the material. 10.0 到 >0.0 得分 Little meaningful engagement with the material. 0.0 得分 Little or no familiarity with material. 50.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果 Critical thinking 20.0 到 >12.0 得分 Outstanding critical thinking. 12.0 到 >8.0 得分 Above average critical thinking. 8.0 到 >4.0 得分 Shows some critical thinking. 4.0 到 >0.0 得分 Little critical thinking. 0.0 得分 No critical thinking. 20.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果 Use of sources 20.0 到 >12.0 得分 Uses a wide variety of evidence. 12.0 到 >8.0 得分 Uses several sources as evidence. 8.0 到 >4.0 得分 Limited use of sources. 4.0 到 >0.0 得分 Very little use of sources. 0.0 得分 Little or no engagement with sources. 20.0 分 此标准已链接至学习结果 Writing mechanics 10.0 到 >6.0 得分 Well written. 6.0 到 >4.0 得分 Very few grammar or vocabulary errors. 4.0 到 >2.0 得分 Some grammar errors. 2.0 到 >0.0 得分 Poorly written. 0.0 得分 Unacceptable. 10.0 分 总得分: 100.0 ,满分 100.0 上一页

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Final: Essay Portion
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