How Do Alcohol Affect College Students?


Please see the topics below for each paragraph.  It is must that you complete your paper to the fullness (all paragraphs completed) for it to be graded.  The paper will NOT be graded if it is not completed. Your paper will be checked for plagiarism, this will result in an F paper.   Please be sure your font style and size are the same throughout the paper.  Please make sure you list your references (at least 5 references). The report must be typed with 1” margins and 1.5 inch spacing.   The report should include a cover page, body (all topics listed below), and reference page (at least 5 references).  The report should be 4- 6pages, this includes the cover page and reference page.   Spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure (complete thought) are very important.  Resources:  Use reliable internet resources (have at least 5 references)   *******Note:  Please include cover page and reference page Paragraph 1 –         How do alcohol affect college students?  Ex. Grades, health, decision making factor, alcohol dependency and long-term effects. Paragraph 2 –         Should colleges ban alcohol on campus?  Why or Why not? Paragraph 3 –         Provide statistics on alcohol abuse amongst college students. Paragraph 4 –         Explain how college students can drink responsibly.        Please Note: This is a report is not a question and answer section.  Within the report please provide information on the following topics.  Plagiarism will result in an immediate F.

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How Do Alcohol Affect College Students?
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