History and culture of Hawaii


Assignment: Please respond to one of the following questions in a five-paragraph essay utilizing MLA format. Include in-text citations and References or Works Cited. Check for grammar and proper spelling. This essay should be approximately 600-1000 words in formal academic style. Topic: Trace the history and culture of Hawaii. Identify the Polynesian origins of Hawaiian culture and the effects of European culture from Captain Cook, the missionaries, and finally the United States. In what ways was Hawaiian culture transformed by Cook, similar to the Colombian cultural exchange in the Americas? Essay Guidelines: Make an original title that reflects your thesis statement Begin with context and background that leads into a thesis statement in your introduction. Provide supporting research in your body paragraphs, using parenthetical citations End with a summary/concluding paragraph in your own words Provide References or Works Cited with full sources to match citations

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History and culture of Hawaii
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