Providing feedback on posters


There will be 4 posters to evaluate (provide feedback to) 3 positive points and 3 areas for improvements must be noted for each poster. There will be an example but there must be more words. Must rank and provide meaningful feedback for each of the 4 posters.  I have attached a file named “Assessments Handbook” read page 7 for instructions. Also read page 8 which shows the marking scheme. It is vital to understand the marking criteria to achieve the highest grade possible which is 10/10.  There is also another file named “instructions” please read carefully. To access the 4 posters, you must contact me via chat for me to show you how. Thank you.

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Providing feedback on posters
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Instructions (4) Assessment Handbook 2020-2021 LDP2 and MDP2 v2

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