Consulting plan and analysis


This Capstone assessment builds from the previous assessment. In Assessment 1, you developed your position within the consulting industry, defined one of your consulting services, and developed a proposal for how you plan to work with a client on a project. In this assessment, you are taking a broader view and looking at how you plan to operate within the consulting industry over the next 12-months as a consultant. You are required to develop a plan to attract, maintain and grow clients to work within your business. To develop a consulting plan, first, you need to decide on the perspective and role that you want to take (internal vs external, generalist vs specialist). While not compulsory, it is advised that your role be consistent with Assessments 1. The consulting plan considers your position within the consulting industry, your value proposition, the types of clients and projects you are seeking, the length of projects and how you will manage these various projects. Consider how many projects you are likely to seek in a year given that there is the lead-up time before commencing the project and the follow-up/debriefing time following the end of a project. There is an expectation that the consulting plan includes information on how you envisage you will attract business, strategies for surviving the first year, networking strategies, operational strategies, and strategies for managing business relationships all of which you will find information in Modules 2-10. The consulting plan should also include frameworks, templates and the selected consulting processes and project management plan, systems and billing and other requirements necessary to be successful in the consulting industry. These strategies, processes and systems should be justified (and referenced). After reading your consulting plan, the reader should understand how you plan to successfully conduct your business within the consulting industry for at least the next twelve months.

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Consulting plan and analysis
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