Marketing report


Your manager has arranged for you to join the Corporate Communications team to work on a project regarding a fast food chain’s Communications Mix. You will need to work individually to analyze the current communications mix and to make recommendations for improvements in the communications mix for 2020. You have been asked to present your analysis and ideas in a formal written report You should:- Examine the existing communications mix                                  25 marks Identify the target market(s).                                                              10 marks Make recommendations with justification for a new and improved Communications Mix.                                                                                   25 marks You should present a 12 month implementation plan and some examples of their current communications mix and its effectiveness and your estimated costing information.                                                   20 marks                                                                                     Professionally produced report & appendices.                                   20 marks         Guidelines  You will need to examine in detail all the communications / promotional activity currently undertaken by your fast food chain. This could include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, social media, publicity, cinema advertising, outdoor advertising, exhibitions, PR activities, website and any other form of communication. Your recommendations should include estimated costings and a 12 month implementation plan, and the Communications Mix should be fully integrated and appropriate for the target market(s).

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Marketing report
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report example of 12-Month Marketing Plan


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