Hotel asset management


Use the CAPEX for the report. Include Organisation and methodology Word Length of Written Paper: Min 5 – 15 max pages (excluding Appendix) (character font: 11, spacing: 1.5) Group written report recommended format (can be adapted): • Property summary Executive summary SWOT Analysis Plans and actions Exit strategy Appendix Submission and Deadline: Students are required to submit an electronic copy of their report to Turnitin, otherwise the work may not be accepted and they will receive a zero grade. The electronic copy is designated as the formal submission document. It is their responsibility to upload their own work and last-minute IT issues will not be considered as mitigation. If the students have difficulty using the system, they must contact the Program Coordinator immediately. References: We expect students to do a thorough and in-depth research on their topic. Students consequently must reference their sources in a correct and exhaustive manner. Using academic APA references is mandatory.PL Dublin GH hotel – students – 2020

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Hotel asset management
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