Capstone Project


Topic: Alzheimer’s disease Disciplinary Approaches: 1) biology 2) epidemiology 3) etiology 4) physiology  Sources: 20 peer reviewed sources (5 for each approach). Format: in-text and bibliography Citation format CSE, 10 double spaced pages, font style times new roman, font size 12. All other instructions are posted in file. To make it easier for you I have written and provided all 20 sources in the file (attached), which means that you don’t have to spend time looking for correct sources. …… Please bid if you can do justice to this assignment and follow all instructions.  I am an old customer here and I usually get really good writers, but in last few weeks I had a few bad experiences that is why I want to make a few points clear… Before you bid. This is a time based assignment which means it must be written within due time.  Most importantly: Usually a few writers here write very bad papers and then ask for more attempts… they don’t follow instructions, ignore most important steps from the guidelines, and waste customers’ time which is not acceptable. Please be professional and write what customer instructed and to do justice with research papers please utilize the given time correctly and completely!! If accepted then bid. Thank You!

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Capstone Project
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instructions for capstone prjct

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