Macro economics term paper


Course Term Paper *Overview The purpose of the course term paper is to give all students the opportunity to connect what is learned in the course to real-world economic issues that are happening in the world today. Students may pick any topic as long as the topic can related to a topic or topics learned in our economics course. Please reference the course syllabus when remembering how much the course term paper is weighted towards your final grade in this course. Remember, per the established course guidelines, your course term paper must be both submitted via moodle. No e-mailed papers will be accepted. *To successfully complete this course term paper, please follow the instructions listed below.  paper must be a minimum of four (4) full pages in length, formatted apa with both a title page and reference page in 12-point times new roman font. (note, the title page and reference page do not count towards the 4 full page requirement) paper will be a position-opinion paper on current economic topics (you can choose to focus on one topic or multiple topics to meet the page requirement). You must cite all sources on a reference page and since you are researching, your reference page should have a minimum of 3 different references. The news articles can be about any economic topic including but not limited to minimum wage, federal interest rates, prescription drug prices, tax policies, and any economic topic you would like to cite, research, and explore. discuss the news article and then give your position-opinion backed up by the economic reasoning learned in class. Since you are giving your opinion after analyzing the news articles you find, it is ok to use personal pronouns like “i”, “my”, “you,” etc. all papers will be submitted to this moodle assignment, no exceptions. I will e-mail feedback back via this assignment. the paper should be in word or .rtf format with a file name in the following format: lastnamefirstinitial-classname-paper#.doc. For example my file name, if i were submitting this assignment in moodle, would be: wrigleyt-macro-coursetermpaper.doc. the feedback i give you as well as your course term paper grades can be accessed under each of the course term paper assignments in moodle.  I use a marking guide (similar to a grading rubric) to provide you with feedback. *Objectives The course term paper might align with one or multiple of the following course competencies; your topic(s) do not have to include all of them: Course competency Evaluate how markets work using the concepts of comparative advantage, supply, and demand; measure a nation’s income and cost of living; explain the relationships among unemployment, inflation, and the business cycle. Analyze production and growth in an economic system over the long-run; evaluate changes in, and comparisons of, an economic system over the long-run using basics tools of finance; evaluate the role of the federal reserve system in monetary policy and monetary growth. Analyze the influence of monetary and fiscal policy on aggregate demand; evaluate the short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment. Analyze the effects of federal government deficits and surpluses; differentiate amongst various economic theories; discuss the basics of foreign exchange markets, globalization, and international trade.

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