Medical Ethical Dilemma on surrogacy


Documents attached is the medical ethical dilemma scenario and rubric. Our team is against the issue. Our abstract was “One of the most important aspects of surrogacy is the legal contract between the surrogate and the biological couple for whom she is carrying a child. An ethical dilemma surrounding surrogacy involves the scenario where the surrogate attempts to keep the child after giving birth, although she has already signed paperwork, had her medical expenses covered, and has accepted compensation. The members of our group unanimously agree that the surrogate should have no rights as far as claiming custody of the child. We feel this way because she has signed a legal contract. She knew what the terms of the contract involved. Perhaps, if she had supplied her egg, she would have half a leg to stand on, but given that she isn’t genetically related to the baby, she shouldn’t have the right to mother the child.”

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Medical Ethical Dilemma on surrogacy
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