Telling race story


Tell part of your race story as a sociologist (from African American perspective) This means discussing your race experience as a product of social structure and using terms that have been in course readings and lectures. Include how the micro (your identity and your interpersonal relationships) are connected to and influenced by the macro (culture, power, inequality, privilege, oppression, institutions and systems). Because the written portion of your paper is limited to 5-7 pages, you may focus on a particular portion of your life or several specific experiences. Include a glossary of sociological definitions, theories and concepts you have used at the end of your paper. For each entry in your glossary, include: A. where you found the definition/theory/concept (citation) B. the paper page number in your paper where you applied it. I will look for at least 12 sociological terms/concepts/theories from class resources in your glossary (not Wikipedia or any internet dictionaries—use class sources). The cover sheet and the glossary are not included in the 5-7 page count—they are in addition to it. For example: 1. Intersectionality—the overlapping systems of advantages and disadvantages that affect people differently positioned in society. A. Desmond and Emirbayer, page 16 B. First introduced on page 3 in my paper Please feel free to get creative with images and other inserts. Just make sure that your actual written story is 5-7 pages and anything else is added to that page count.

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Telling race story
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