Legal drafting- case brief


briefing a judicial opinion (AKA case). This is an important skill to acquire in order to study legal books, passing exams, and/or preparing for your legal petitions.  5 files were uploaded  as follows: 1: How to read a judicial opinion 2: Reading and briefing cases 3: Briefing cases 4: Case example 5: Case brief template  You need to read and familiarize yourself with the case briefing skill. Case briefing is nothing more than a technical summary of the case. It is another way to “summarize the case” following a particular style; i.e. the IRAC. (Issue, Rule/Rationale, Analysis, and Conclusion). As you saw last class, there is an example given and explained to us in details, step by step, in document # 2. (page 34 to 40):  – From page 34 to about the middle of page 39 we are given an example from real case law (Nelson v. Lewis) with annotations on the side to teach us how to read a judicial opinion and understand it.  – Page 39 and page 40 contain the brief of that exact case (Nelson v. Lewis).   File # 3 (Briefing cases) is another useful file to look at that summarizes to us the sections and parts of a case brief. You can use this as a guide in your task. File # 4 is a case (about 8 pages) that you are given to brief following the template provided in file # 5. Summary of your task: – Read the given case (Hennessey v. Stop and Shop) carefully and understand it well. – Write a brief of this case following the given template.   ASK ME IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

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Legal drafting- case brief
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5- Case Brief Template 3- Briefing Cases 1- How to Read a Judicial Opinion(1)4- Case Example

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