Family and Social Development Family and Social Development


Assignment instructions and rubric included as PDF file called ″Class Project Part 2″ Sample of assignment/report included. Also including the 1st assignment which is relevant to this assignment where I previously wrote 2 concept posts relating to social development. Four concept posts required for this assignment. Please follow format of sample provided (Each post needs to be 350 words max) not including the quotes and references. References required in and additional quotes. Topics for concept posts to choose from are: (Just need any 4 of these for 1 part of assignment) – Green revolution,Interactivity,Men,Tillage,World health organization,Common pool resources,Diversity,Fertilizer,Agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property rights. Reflections questions to be answered to the best of your ability using course syllabus and the sources provided in the assignment instructions if possible if not that′s ok I can complete them. Please let me know if you require any additional questions or instructions. Assignment is due Nov 26th, 2020 and is worth 25% of the course grade. References in text and citations in APA format.

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Family and Social Development Family and Social Development
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FMLY 1012 Sample Post for Fall 2020 FMLY 1012_Class_Project Part 1_Template_2020 FMLY1012_Syllabus_2020 sample 1 FMLY 1012 Class Project Part 2_2020

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