Sustainability Supports Teacher Practice


Your final polished literature review of your selected theme for the DPS-S project will be 2-3 page (double spaced, standard APA style) paper will use the annotated bibliography on your theme as a building block to write a literature review on your theme. Using the 7 quality peer-reviewed sources on your theme as a building block, your final paper will address the following:   Introduction / describe your theme–what is it, and how does it fit into the project on sustainability/environmental education? Provide at least 1 overall key take-away from the scholarship you’ve read. What does DPS need to know about what scholars are saying about this theme relevant to environmental education? Then, preview the structure of your paper (which should consist of themes from the literature). Themes from the literature–Looking back at your annotated bibliography (and seeking out more articles if you need to!), identify at least 2 commonalities or general connections across at least 2 sources. Within each theme, identify and define the key terms scholars are using. Be sure to provide rich, vivid examples from their research (e.g., are there any lesson plans, assignments, activities, or sample curricula on environmental education to share out? are there any engaging statistics or quotations from teachers/students/administrators or the scholars themselves? what are the laws and policies, the benchmarks for assessing learning, that the scholars provide?). Try your best to think of depth, but also of breadth in the theme. Conclusion–write a 1-2 paragraph finale to the literature review. Summarize and review main points. Offer commentary about “next steps” that scholars might take in doing research about and for environmental education, and consider again the key 1-2 take aways you want to share with DPS-S.

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Sustainability Supports Teacher Practice
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