Applied Research Methods Unit 1


For the final paper (Key Assignment), you will consider the following scenario: In your work at a residential treatment center (RTC) for adolescents, several problems related to the delivery of group and recreational therapy services to the residents have become evident. The program director would like you to choose 1 of the following problem areas, and develop a research proposal: Residents are not opening up during group process meetings (there seems to be a lack of trust or cohesion in the group). When reporting during individual therapy sessions, residents find it difficult to describe how the recreational therapy activity for the week has helped them with the resolution of their issues. The boss has observed that during the group process meetings, many of the residents are not paying attention (i.e., they are not engaged in the flow of the session). The boss reports that he or she has noticed that when residents return from recreational therapy activities, many of them are complaining about being sore (pain in their muscles). Select 1 of the issues above to focus on throughout the course, and create your final research proposal. This week, you will develop a focused research question that will help to address the issue or area that you have selected. You will describe the process that you used to arrive at the question you are proposing to your program director. An accurate response will include the following: A formulated research question that fits the need of the scenario selected A description of how answering the research question will help the RTC understand the scenario and the problem

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Applied Research Methods Unit 1
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