1) List ten or more images associated with a particular color. (examples: purple–misty twilight, stems of lavendar glowing in the garden, her violet eyes in the candlelight, purple velvet gown) Then write a poem using your favorite of these images and in which you repeat the name of the color (ex.: “purple”) frequently throughout the course of the poem.

Consider as you write the symbolic associations of the color chosen: e.g., red: anger, passion; blue: depression, tranquility; white: purity, emptiness; yellow: warmth, energy; etc.

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Also consider the personal association a particular color holds for you, as in the poem one student wrote titled “Maroon”: “Maroon reminded you of dried blood, blinding rage and your deepest fears.” Incorporate the name of the color in the title of the poem.

2) List ten or more metaphors comparing yourself to an inanimate thing; “I am a fan…” or “I am the tire of a car…” or “I am the howl of a wolf on the mountainside” or “I am the frost on the blade…” Then choose one and write a poem organized around that metaphor.

As you develop the poem, explore what this new nature would mean for your body parts, your speech, your gestures, your feelings, etc. What would your eyes see in this new condition and what would your hands touch? What would your heart feel? What would it desire?

No page length requirement, but each poem should be at least fifteen lines long.

3). Edit the 3 poem attach on file by explore who the SPEAKER of your poem is. Give the poem details: its personages and places specific names, traits, descriptions. Bring it down to earth. Make it so your poem can only be about this one particular person, place, experience rather than any and everyone’s experience.

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