Pancit: A Filipino and American Favorite


OYour writing content is detailed and informative. What you need to do now to fulfill the assignment is make this into an argument–five ways to make Pancit? Pick one that you like the best (or pretend you do) and argue why that way is the best way to make Pancit. That claim you make about the best way to make Pancit will be your thesis, and everything else in the essay must support that. Think of it like you are a gourmet chef recommending the best foods and best ways to prepare them. Have fun with it. You need at least one more source. You need four whole pages of writing content. No need to throw out what you have–just add to it to make your argument. Due to length, not enough sources and no argument, the essay right now is only passing level, but it has the potential to be an “A” level essay. An idea: What if you make Pancit yourself, your favorite Pancit or explore for the best way to make it, and tell every step you take, as if you are writing your own Pancit cookbook! Once you have absorbed my notes for the Professor Draft of the Research Essay, use those notes to help guide you to write your final draft for the essay–the “Semester Draft.” To achieve passing level or better, you must have three things: 1. A focused essay in MLA Format–your written content–including at least four sources that back up what you want to say. Either write an Exploratory or Argumentative Essay–an Informational Essay is not adequate for this assignment. From your topic, you need to find an issue–an issue is an argument going on in society, and that argument has more than one side.  2. Citation of all your sources within the essay itself. 3. Citation of all your sources on the Works Cited page. The citations within the essay and on the Works Cited page must match up–they must lead your reader easily to the sources for the information in your essay. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes–Are your sources easy to find or not?

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Pancit: A Filipino and American Favorite
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