Creative Integration Project_ Ideal Religion

Instructions: FIRST, create your ideal religious tradition by taking elements directly from the religions covered in class—and from the various pdf readings and videos—and making sure to include the following elements as defined in chapter 1 of World Religions Today (use headings to introduce each one):  A. the sacred B. myth, scripture, beliefs C. ritual D. community  E. morality F. leaders and leadership structure SECOND, introduce your religion by writing a description that gives the overall picture of your religion Image this could be an entry in an Encyclopedia, for example. World religions often emerge in order to answer questions raised by crises of morality, mortality, meaning, and human conflict. Explain the inspiration behind your ideal religion by addressing the following overarching questions and why you selected the particular elements from the various religious traditions:  1.What is the context where you imagine this religious is a tradition being practiced?  2.What does your religion respond to? What issues, crises, or concerns does it help address? 3.What is the larger mission it is invested in advancing? 4.How does it address the question of suffering of humanity and humanity’s ability to truly connect not just with the divine, but with one another? 5.Form a clear and concise thesis statement based on your answers to these questions and include it in the introduction.  THIRD, conclude your paper. Religions change over time due to external contextual changes – be they social, cultural, and economic – and internal changes within leadership, interpretations, and structural shifts. Most often, changes are initiated by reformers from within the tradition who raise critiques and advocate change. To conclude your reflection, think about the future of your religion, and address these final questions:  6.Who will be the reformers of this religious tradition?  7.What critiques can you imagine they will rise to the tradition and its community?  8.What changes will the reformer/s advocate and promote?

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Creative Integration Project_ Ideal Religion
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