Fitness Gym

See the Rubric, Examples and Suggestions for more specific guidance on Report construction.   Length should be five to six pages maximum. The purpose of a report is to help the audience make decisions.  From reading the report, the audience will learn information that will support the conclusions and recommendations of the report.  Usually the conclusions and recommendations are presented early in the report and supporting points follow.  However, a report can also be structured otherwise.  For your report, please include a title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, conclusions, recommendations, findings and discussion, and a list of references.  Appendices are not necessary. In order to limit the number of pages, your report sections will need to be concise.  Therefore, the focus of your report will also need to be concentrated.  A list of suggestions (excerpted from Business Writing Today by Natalie Canavor, 2016) for all business documents follows: Write crisp, simply constructed sentences that read fast. Use an objective third person tone and relatively formal language that is still accessible and clear. Choose short, vivid, concrete words, and avoid jargon and clichés. Choose action verbs rather than dull, passive-sounding ones. Maintain an upbeat, positive, “in charge” tone that communicates good judgment and conviction. Avoid hedgy words and statements (e.g.,about, we hope that, we’ll aim to, or it’s possible that). Write a strong lead plus informational headlines and subheads to attract and retain the readers you want. (p. 217)

2013-2014-change-and-communication-roi-study-towers-watson (2) (1) Report Rubric Busi 102

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Fitness Gym
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