Kidney stones; Medical name is Nephrolithiasis.

Research Paper & Oral Presentation: This semester, you will perform research on a medical topic to be organized and presented as a 5-6 page paper in APA format with references EXCLUDING title and reference page.  You will also share a summary of your research with the class in the format of a 10 minute oral presentation via Zoom.   Note about the oral presentation:  You may use visual aids, but you can only use PowerPointTM for diagrams, charts, or pictures.  Lines of text and long video segments will work against the overall grade!  Most important in my assessing of your presentations will be organization, information, clarity, and confidence  -paper must have citations with in the body of  the paper to avoid plagiarism -paper must include title and reference page  – paper must be 5-6 pages not including title and reference page, each page should have a header – paper must be doubled spaced, 12 using New times roman  – paper must have atleast 5 references (ie. 1 web page, 3 scholarly articles)

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Kidney stones; Medical name is Nephrolithiasis.
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