Survey & Comparison of News Stations

This is an applied research project will require you to evaluate and exercise both your “analytical” and “political/critical thinking skills” to  watch, listen, review, and evaluate a variety of Television (TV) news casts, Radio, Newspapers, Internet broadcasts, Pod Casts, and other news media sources you select. You are to observe, evaluate and analyze each news outlet for any of the following issues: 1) Partisan, or “political/partisan biases” that favor a certain party over the other one in the way the news in reported out; 2) Any “fake” news that is being reported on; 3) Any other “partisan, social, racial, or sexist biases (if any) reporting standards in the way the various stations report out the news         source that you reviewed for this assignment.SurveyComparisonofNewsStations2

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Survey & Comparison of News Stations
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