Culture Differences

Summary and Response Essay Purpose: Write a summary/response essay. A summary/response essay includes two parts. The summary demonstrates your understanding of a reading’s main ideas and the response allows you to analyze the reading, compare or contrast it with other material you have studied, agree or disagree with its claims, or expand on the claims further. Topic: Research an ACADEMIC article on the using the library databases on Cultural Differences This article will be your PRIMARY source. You will summarize it and respond to it using one of the methods we have discussed. Specifications: • Must be formatted using MLA •750 words or 3 FULL pages in length • Minimum of 1 source and Works Cited page • Include in text citations • No more than 3 direct quotes; the rest of your research should be paraphrased or summarized I have the outline done including 1 source I just need to include my opinion because as you will read in the body paragraph it only summarize the article but It doesn’t include opinion need to include opinion in there. I. Introduction a. Include a Hook (gets the reader’s attention) b. Background information c. Thesis statement—give the topic and big details you will be writing about II. Body Paragraph a. First point from your thesis b. supporting evidence (opinion) III. Body Paragraph a. Second point from your thesis b. supporting evidence (opinion) IV. Body Paragraph a. Third point from your thesis b. supporting evidence (opinion) V. Conclusion a. Summarize the article b. Summarize all opinion b. Restate your thesisCultural differences Cultural Differences 2

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Culture Differences
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