Plastic Pollution: An Ocean Emergency

This paper will be based on a newspaper article, “Plastic pollution in the oceans.”  The research newspaper article is: “Plastic Pollution: An Ocean Emergency.”  Please google this newspaper/article and read it. Here is a link: THEN PLEASE,  The conclusions drawn or statements made in the main article, “Plastic Pollution: An Ocean Emergency”, will then have to be researched byway of finding (and reading) appropriate scientific “peer reviewed” research articles. The purpose of searching out appropriate scientific articles is to either “support” or “refute” the statements made in the newspaper articles.   You can use these 4 articles and please select at least 10 or more scientific research articles which must be “peer-reviewed” to either support or refute the conclusions made in the main article.                        All too often the general public takes newspaper articles at FACE VALUE when a fair amount of skepticism is useful. In some instances newspaper articles only discuss one side (a pro or a con side) of an issue when MOST ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES HAVE BOTH. The goal of this Term Paper is to present the newspaper article as the “surface” of the iceberg, but to use appropriate scientific research to reveal the full story that lies beneath the surface of what is reported in the popular literature (i.e., newspapers and weekly news magazines). The Term Paper will first introduce the newspaper article and this will consist of a brief overview/ introduction of the newspaper articles and the various environmental ‘issues’ contained therein. The paper can then take any direction, but must be based on your readings of appropriate scientific research articles. For example, if your newspaper article was entitled “A Coffee spill in the Wallace Living Room” there might be mention of the toxicity of coffee to dust mites living in the carpet. You might then look for specific scientific articles that address the toxicity of coffee to these organisms. However, you would also want to address the issue that the TEMPERATURE of the coffee (freshly brewed vs. day old) would also play a role in toxicity (or lethality) to the carpet dust mites. The paper will then end with a brief summary/conclusion. This summary section will specifically focus on whether or not the newspaper article provided a ‘good’ picture of the issues at hand or if the articles ‘leave out’ VERY important counter issues. You would draw these conclusions based on the scientific research articles that you have read and discussed in the paper. Figures and tables can (should) be used to demonstrate significant points and they should be placed after the text of the paper and are not included in the page count.  Additionally, figures/tables should be referenced in the text as they occur (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc). References should be listed last on a separate page(s). Minimally, 10 references should be used for the paper (i.e., 10 scientific articles will need to be read) – NO WEB SITES will be included in the 10 refs; though, if you NEED to, a couple can be used. References should be cited in the text .

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Plastic Pollution: An Ocean Emergency
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