Paper must be 5-7 pages long. This means that it must be a minimum of 5 full pages of text plus a references page. Anything shorter will receive an automatic E. Reminder about Sources: Secondary sources report, describe, comment on, or analyze someone else’s work. The following are examples of secondary sources originating in print: Critical books; Professional/scholarly journal articles; Articles from print newspapers; Magazine articles. The APA Education Paper must include at least two scholarly journal articles. Any question or doubt about a source’s origin in print should be taken up with the instructor prior to depending on the source or incorporating it into the paper. Grading Criteria for APA Research Project Thesis Statement: The thesis statement, which must be arguable, specific, manageable, and interesting, should be located at the end of the introduction.The thesis should imply the larger conversation by setting up a “They Say.” Content and Context: The argument must be conversation-driven, indicating the context and significance of the discussion.The argument must carefully consider relevant, educated opposing views or “They Say.” Genre: The project must have the expected characteristics of the genre. Reasoning: The body paragraphs (or body section of presentation/video) must give 2-4 reasons that explain why the thesis invalid in the writer’s own words. The reasoning should be sound and logical and avoid fallacies. Structure: This argument should use an appropriate structure (Type II-counter argument/argument or classical argument). This structure should address the opposing view, while providing an adequate response and support for the writer’s stance. Evidence: All claims in the paper must be supported with evidence (specific details, examples, and synthesis of sources) that meets the STAR criteria: sufficiency, typicality, accuracy, and relevance. Paragraphing: Topic Sentences: The first sentence of each body paragraph must indicate the focus of the rest of the paragraph and be clearly and directly connected to supporting the thesis. Focus: Each sentence in a body paragraph should help support the topic sentence and should clearly connect to the sentence before and after it. Sources: The argument should incorporate a minimum of 3(three) credible secondary sources, 1(one)of which must have originated in print, and at least 1 (one) of which must be scholarly. Each source should be fairly and accurately represented in the text of the paper as well as on a References page. Formatting and Documentation: The paper must use APA manuscript format and include proper APA in-text citations that match up with entries on a References page.Research Project Requirements

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