Ethical Action Plan – Utilitarian Argument In your career you will need to articulate and act upon an ethical argument.  That is, to explain to others why you find some act unethical or as a leader, to chart an ethical course thorough a tricky situation.  The assigned case, Born to Fly, has an ethical decision about the Youth Venture Capital Loan.  Put yourself into the position of the manager and explain what ethical action you would take and why you find that action to be the ethical. The Ethical Question The case “Born to Fly” raises important ethical issues.   The Youth Venture Capital Program was not intended to finance a summer job experience.  Will it be unethical if Neel applies for this government loan even though it is intended for entrepreneurs starting a permanent new business, not a summer job venture? Essay Format Your essay will be a full examination of the ethical question using the utilitarian ethic. It must be between 100 and 1000 words (no exceptions). The first paragraph will justify the prescriptive premise.  You will explain why the rule is a cogent ethical prescription.  Your prescriptive premise should be the conclusion of the argument you present in the paragraph.  The second paragraph will justify the descriptive premise.  You will explain why the solution you offer follows the prescriptive premise. The descriptive premise should be the conclusion of the second paragraph.  Your third (conclusion) paragraph will summarize your argument, and state your sub-conclusion that the actions prescribed are ethical.  The third paragraph will repeat your prescriptive and descriptive premises in support of your conclusion that the action you are recommending is ethical.  You should copy and paste your essay into the drop box in Revel.  If you turn in a draft of your essay early, you will have multiple opportunities to receive feedback.  You can use this feedback to revise and resubmit your essay to receive a better grade.  Your submission of 100-1000 words is due at 11:59 pm on Monday, November 16. To submit the assignment, please click on the external link to Revel and submit in the “Ethical Action Plan Essay” dropbox (no submission required in Canvas)Ethical Action Plan

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