Healing and place

This is a research essay and students will be expected to use a minimum of five academic sources. Students are permitted to use the course texts as sources but must use four additional sources, which may include scholarly books or journal articles. The essay must be a minimum of 5-6 pages double-spaced (1,500-1,600 words) in length but students may to write up to a maximum of 8 pages. In addition, students are expected to include a title page (name, student number, course information & essay title), in-text citations, and a bibliography at the end of the essay. Students may use any of the following citation styles: MLA, APA, or Chicago. **Wikipedia and other websites may NOT be used as academic sources. Students are expected to craft a thesis statement or argument in their essay, which is based on the research materials. The instructor will provide an academic writing tutorial in advance of the due date and sample thesis statements will be provided. Research essays should be uploaded as either a PDF or Word document.  There are two options for possible essay topics:  #1 – Healing & Place: Students may select a specific geographical place (ie. a hospital, a religious site, a spot in nature – of course these example certainly overlap with each other) and apply Gesler’s theoretical framework of place and healing to that specific location. In other words, discuss the physical environment and significance of the location and explain the symbolism present there which can be connected or associated with healing practices.  #2 – Comparative Analysis: Students may do a comparative analysis of two different cultural groups that exist in the same time period (ie. the Navaho and contemporary Christian faith healers) and explain how they are perhaps similar and/or different in terms of symbolic nature, social setting, built environment or their natural environment. Students should discuss the symbolism and ritual practices present in both contexts and attempt to draw some general conclusions about how this comparison is useful in the study of religion and healing.RLGN 2110 Research Essay Instructions

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Healing and place
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