The endangered Black Rhinoceros in Africa

Write a 1000-1200 word analysis of the issue(s) faced by endangered African Black Rhinos and the solutions you think could address it. In the essay, use appeals to pathos, ethos, and logos to create a compelling argument as to why and how these species could be protected. The goal in this assignment is to write a persuasive article that uses engaging language and creates a vivid picture of your animal, its challenges, and possible solutions. In addition, educate your audience by providing interesting facts about your animal’s habitat, its relationship to that environment, its way of life, any predators, and other information you think is interesting or relevant. In the uploaded assignment file, there’s a part about what each paragraph could roughly contain and I suggest you follow that.  I also need to have a “reader letter” written about the essay of no more than a page answering some basic questions about writing the essay, how the experience was in writing this draft, etc. I am hoping the essay and the reader letter will be in total under 1650 wordsReserach paper: About the endangered Black Rhinoceros in Africa (about the animal, issues of their survival, solution to those problems)EssayPro Animal Research Essay Instructions Writing 2 – EssayPro Animal Essay Instructions

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The endangered Black Rhinoceros in Africa
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