Social change

Please write an applied analysis in response to the following:   1) Apply two social change concepts and/or theories to the Esping-Andersen reading.   Social change concepts and theories refer to those included in the Strasser and Randall chapter.   You should select and apply the two concepts and/or theories that help you to best explain comparative social change in the Esping-Andersen reading with respect to welfare states.   The word length is 1,000 words, with 100 words more acceptable (although not 50 words less) without penalty to the grade.    Use Harvard style referencing for in-text references and bibliographic end of text references (minimally Strasser and Randall and Esping-Andersen). Use only Strasser and Randal chapter and Esping-Andersen’s chapter. I will upload both documents and other some documents which can be helpful.

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Social change
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