Green construction

CMGT 4320 – Global Sustainable Construction Fall 2020 Term Paper For the term paper in this course, you are being asked to investigate and analyze Goal 11 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 11 states: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” To analyze this goal, you are required to do the following: • Investigate and describe the values of global sustainability and green construction. The essay needs to expand beyond the United States and address the values in other countries and regions of the world. Describe how three to five countries—other than the US—are working to meet Goal 11. • Investigate and analyze differences and similarities between sustainability grading systems. In your analysis of other countries efforts to meet Goal 11, ensure that part of your discussion focuses on rating systems used in your selected countries, such as LEED, Green Globes, and/or BREEAM. • Review, analyze, and provide concluding documentation of three international sustainable design and /or construction companies. You are required to investigate a minimum of one (1) residential company, one (1) commercial company, and one (1) industrial or infrastructure company. Your analysis and review should focus on how these companies are working to meet Goal 11. No United States companies can be a part of this paper research. • Appropriate graphics, figures, and/or tables must be included in this paper to enhance the reader’s understanding of the subject you are discussing. Submission Requirements: • The paper is to be 10-12 pages in length, not including the Cover Page and the References page. • This paper is to be research-based, not opinion. You may use your class text as a starting reference, but it is not to be used for citation purposes. • A minimum of five cited articles is required. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable citation. • Use APA formatting for the paper. • Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced. You will need to submit several parts for this paper. 1. The first part is a formatted reference page, due in Week 4. 2. A detailed outline is due in Week 7. 3. The third part is a rough draft, due in Week 11. 4. The rough draft will be used for a peer review in Week 12. 5. The final part is the final draft of the term paper. Helpful Hints: • Here is a link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals page: o o This paper should focus on Goal 11 • This is a global construction class, so you should make sure that your research focuses on what other countries (other than the United States) are doing in terms of sustainability. • Think about countries that have green rating systems similar to the US. How do they value sustainability? • What about countries that are working on getting a “green” system going? • Are there countries that seem to have no clue what it means to be green, or lack the resources to support sustainable construction? • You should compare rating systems and look for differences between the systems. It is fine to use the basic facts for comparison/contrast for a portion of the paper, but you also need to do more in-depth analysis. • Look for examples of projects rated under each system. How do these buildings compare? • Look at cost for certification, the process for certification, etc. Compare and contrast these elements. • Think about benefits and detriments of each system and why they exist. • What does each system focus on the most? What is most important about each system? • The companies selected must be international companies. o If an international company has a US subsidiary, that is okay. For example, the headquarters for Skanska AB are in Sweden, but the company also has a USA division. You could select Skanska AB as a company because its headquarters are located outside of the United States o You cannot select a company with headquarters in the United States. For example, AECOM’s headquarters are in Los Angeles. Although it is a multinational company, the headquarters are located in the United States. • You can select construction OR design firms • This website has 250 international contractors: o • This website has a list of 225 international design firms: o • Take time to do some in-depth research for the companies you choose; look for examples of projects completed, memberships in organizations, mission statement, etc. • This is supposed to be an interpretation, so make sure that you reach some conclusion about your information; don’t just provide a superficial summary of information that can be found from a quick internet search

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Green construction
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