Bias in the media

Draft of an Essay (3pages) Including an Appendix (1 page):   Find 5-7 sources on “climate change” then, (recommend online newsletters)  -How did your analysis of this topic from different sources reveal bias? What have you learned about how citizens should gain and judge their news? -Introduce the topic and provide background context in an inviting introduction. You may state your stance (your conclusion) on the issue of media bias as part of the introduction or as part of the conclusion. -Use logical thinking processes to describe and analyze the presence or absence of bias and propaganda in the multiple sources you have on a single current issue. Cite specific examples and comparisons. -What are some implications of your findings? Give your recommendations on what citizens should do to gain knowledge of current issues. -In an appendix reflect upon the thinking processes you used. Which aspects of the Thinking Process chart and which critical thinking skills did you use in analyzing bias in the media? -An abstract is not required for this essay. -Paper should have 5-7 citations, “APA format.”

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Bias in the media
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