Play and Its Connection with Children Health

Using the uploaded article answer the following questions briefly.  APA Style Cover Page & References  I am looking to see if you have correctly identified the content for each part of the outline „Overall:  Critical Reaction to Research Article 1.Introduction 2.What did we know?  Current research in the area according to what you know from your training, previous coursework, and the unit. 3.What additional information did you learn from your article?  What is the main focus of the article you selected, and how does it contribute to the knowledge from the unit? 4.What do we know now in light of this new information?  How does your research article ADD to the science? 5.What criticism do you have of the findings and what questions do you have that need to be answered next?  6.What is your new understanding of your professional practice and how will you reflect this at work?  SummaryImproving_Children_s_Health_Through_Play(1)

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Play and Its Connection with Children Health
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