How does Disney movies affect society and how?

Causal Arguments: You’re entering a causal argument when you: state a cause and then examine its effects describe an effect and trace it back to its causes trace a string of causes to figure out why something happened explore plausible consequences (intended or not) of a particular action, policy, or change. Spend time brainstorming possibilities for causal arguments.  Many public issues lend themselves to causal analysis and argument: browse the homepage of a newspaper or new sources on any given day to discover plausible topics.  Consider your own experiences. You can also raise doubts about the facts or assumptions that others have made and perhaps offer a better causal explanation on your own. You will need to formulate a claim that lets readers know where you stand on some issue involving causes and effects.  Identify the type of causal argument that you expect to make (Chapter 11, pp. 241-245).  Explore your relationship to the claim.  What do you know about the subject and its causes and effects?  Why do you agree/disagree with the claim?  What significant reasons can you offer in support of your position?  Or, if your prompt is more open-ended and exploratory, you might present a variety of reasonable (and possibly competing) explanations and scenarios. Causal Prompt: Develop an argument exploring how Disney movies affect society and in which ways. (How does Disney movies affect society and how?) Be sure to separate precipitating or proximate causes from sufficient or necessary ones.  In other words, do a deep and revealing causal analysis about your subject, giving readers new insights. Assignment Description: For this assignment, you will only have the selection of one prompt.  Remember to establish a claim, draw out the reasons, warrants, and evidence that supports it.  You will select a variety of formats that is most appropriate for your causal argument.  Does your claim require an academic essay, a report, a video, an info-graphic, a brochure, or something else?  Whatever you select, you will need to provide a Works Cited page.  Make sure to select evidence that is most likely to influence your audience and arrange the argument to build towards your best material (proof).  If you are using info-graphics and visual rhetoric to answer this prompt, you will need to provide an image and a summary of how your image meets the prompt above.   Please remember that you will need to use five resources (in addition to our texts). Reference:     Everything’s An Argument: Chapter 11, pp. 257-262; Chapter 14, pp. 330-343;  and Chapter 16, pp. 361-376 Length: 5 pages typed, double-spaced, and Times New Roman size 12 font uploaded to Canvas – or – Visual rhetoric with two page summary. Format: MLA, including a properly formatted heading and Works Cited page. (Graphic must have captions and source information as well) # of Resources: 4 minimum (Videos count, textbooks count, and you may have one popular resource) Remember to: Research your topic Formulate a hypothesis/Claim Prepare your proposal/thesis statement Consider your audience and purpose Organize your essay Write Revise Edit Use the Learning Center for tutors and the Writing Center.   Ms. G’s SURVIVAL TIPS: Consider audience and purpose – your audience is an academic audience and your purpose is to engage in a balanced, reasoned analysis (which builds credibility) rather than a biased, emotional outburst, (which undermines credibility). Include a debatable thesis statement with three qualifying sub-points placed at the end of your introduction (the first paragraph). Include an examination of the claim in terms of the intended definition and all of its conditions (contextually). Consider the appeals used: pathos, ethos, or logic. Include topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.  Incorporate evidence for every part of your analysis. Quote freely from the piece and describe the elements if using a visual piece. Come to a conclusion, drawing out the implications of the argument. Incorporate at least TWO scholarly sources (minimum) into your essay. Some Internet sources are permitted.  General collegiate dictionaries definitions are allowed. Include a Works Cited page. Only sources actually cited in the essay are to appear on the Works Cited page. NOT use the personal pronouns you, I, my, us, we, our.  Personal pronouns are unacceptable in academic essays. A Word of Caution:  If you fail to follow assignment instructions—which include writing an essay that does not meet the length requirement, fails to address the writing prompt, or is about your personal religion—you earn an appropriate grade and lose your revision opportunity.  Therefore, be sure to contact me for assistance and clarification if you have any questions or concerns.  Happy Writing!

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How does Disney movies affect society and how?
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