Let’s Chat – New Vendor for a Raise

In this Discussions assignment, you are expected to post a response to the topic or question listed. An ideal response is one that is written in your own words, that indicates your position in this topic, and your reasoning based on the accounting concepts and proper accounting treatment that you have learned so far.    Once you have posted your response, you will be able to view other students’ postings.  You are graded based on your first response.  However, you are welcome to share polite comments on other students’ postings as well.   Please try to post a response in no more than 200 words. If you have questions on discussions or any chapter materials, you should address them under Q&A.  To post, simply click “Reply” and type your response.   Discussion Topic – New Vendor for a Raise Anna Abraham is the accounts payable clerk for Jiffy Delivery Service. This company runs 10 branches in the San Diego area. The company pays for a variety of expenses. Anna writes the checks for each of the vendors and the controller signs the checks. Anna has decided she needs a raise and the controller has told her to wait for six months. Anna has devised a plan to get a raise on her own. She creates a new vendor for her friend’s business with the name John’s Car Detailing. She also creates two purchase orders for car detailing service from John’s for $75 and $70. She writes checks to John’s Car Detailing to pay these invoices. She knows the controller will sign all checks only looking at the checks over $100. She delivers the checks to John, who will deposit the checks in his bank account. John then writes a check to her for $145. Is this a good way for Anna to obtain a raise?  Eventually what will be the effect of her actions? What can the company do to prevent this type of behavior?

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Let’s Chat – New Vendor for a Raise
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