Socialization or Social Interaction

Response papers are the primary way I ask you to engage with course readings this semester.  The Response Papers ask you to choose ONE article in Ferguson, Mapping the Social Landscape, summarize that article, then connect it to those key concepts, terms, ideas, and theories in the corresponding textbook chapter from Andersen and Taylor, Sociology the Essentials.  Lastly, you will take the ideas from the first two parts of your Response Paper, and shine them outward, applying them to your experience or observations about current society. For this Response 2, please choose ONE article in Mapping the Social Landscape – from the sections Socialization OR any article dealing with Social Interaction (it may be in the title or description, any article that deals with people interacting in a social context like work, school, military, family, etc.) Please look carefully at the attached Response Paper Guide, Sample, and Rubric.  The basic outline is as follows (Each section should be about 1/3 of your paper.) 1.  Summary of article chosen from Mapping the Social Landscape 2. Links to and synthesis with key ideas from the right chapter in Sociology Essentials textbook. 3.  Application and extension of ideas to your world, with specific details and examples. Key things to make a great paper: Give it an interesting and creative title, not just “Response Paper 1,” but something like, “How to understand why your life is so freakin’ cool” or better if it clearly relates to your topic, lol. Make sure you use specific details and fully elaborate ideas in each section of your essay. Use citations and quotes throughout…  see the guide and model paper. Organize well with clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Response Paper Guide Sample and Rubric.pdf

Chapter 10_ Race and Ethnicity from Sociology the Essentials Book Mapping The Social Landscape Book Response Paper Guide Sample and Rubric (1)

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Socialization or Social Interaction
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