Reasearch Paper on Mars, a public, multi-national company

1.)   Executive Summary –      Write a DETAILED description of the business AND the industry that the business participates in today.  •       In your description be sure to include the company’s history, company’s current stock price (as of the date you write your paper), market share, earnings per share, and the CEO and the CEO’s salary. •       This information will require you to do research. Look at various articles and/or videos. You can also get some of this information from the company’s annual report. 2.)   target Market •       Describe in detail, the company’s target market. Think about the concepts you learned about Market and Consumer Behavior, Product Development Branding and Pricing, and Promotion and Distribution as it pertains to marketing. Describe to me what industry the company competes in and who is their primary target market for their products based on your research and your opinion. Explain it in detail.  •       Next tell me information about the company’s one or two most profitable products. You’ll find information about this in the company’s annual report and/or based on your independent research.   3.)   Opportunities and Threats •       Identify at least ONE Opportunity and ONE Threat for the company. Remember the opportunities and threats are external to the company. This is based on your own research and your opinion based on that research   4. ) Recommendations •       Write your final recommendations for the Company to improve on based on what you have learned in class this semester.

Assignment Summpare Assignment Summary

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Reasearch Paper on Mars, a public, multi-national company
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