Mozart music appreciation

AMADEUS and 18th Century Vienna/November 15 We have studied Mozart and watched Amadeus: the story of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most spectacular “classical” composers of all time. Mozart (1756 – 1791, German), a “child prodigy” turned prolific and influential composer, wrote over 600 compositions, including symphonies, operas, “chamber” music and concerti. He started his professional career as a “Church/Court” musician and later moved to Vienna, Austria, the musical center of Europe at the time. Based on the video excerpts of AMADEUS we know that this movie tells the story from the perspective of a colleague (or rival) composer, Antonio Salieri (an Italian), and the myth that Salieri was so jealous of Mozart that he poisoned him (a speculation on why Mozart died at such an early age). While Salieri may have been more famous (and financially well off) in his lifetime than Mozart was, we will see how Salieri struggles in life with his talents versus Mozart’s genius (and perhaps Mozart’s childish personality). Also depicted here is another relationship of Mozart: one to his father, Leopold Mozart, and how this influence reflected on young Mozart’s life and career. Your Essay: While working on this assignment you will be confronted with a rich culture in a magnificent European city—its living traditions within diverse communities, their needs and their beliefs. In your essay, explore whether Mozart was a conformist or non-conformist to social and cultural (musical) norms? You may wish to focus your essay on one or two of the following questions in your essay. How was Mozart recognized in the city of class conflict and favoritism? How his behavior and work effect his prosperity in Vienna? What did the Italians think of Mozart’s new style of music and the use of German in opera? Were they trying to preserve cultural norms or preventing progress? What cultural changes were allowing eighteen century audiences to appreciate this new style of opera? Did Mozart contribute to the social and cultural fulfillment of lower and middle classes in Vienna with his operas? Follow the Format Rules: Turnitin does not takes files like “Pages.” My recommendation is to submit as Microsoft Word. It is free to Collin students if logged into Cougarweb. Label your file with: Name_ID (For example: Alicja Usarek_XXXXXXXXXXX) Font: 12/Times New Roman/Double spaced Place your name, MUSI 1306 (your section number), date, and student ID in upper right corner/single spaced Center the title/bold (for example: “AMADEUS in Vienna—the city of Music and Prosperity”) 750-1000-word count Citations: if you choose to quote somebody you must give the author’s credit. You can use both Chicago and/or MLA style citations; Font 10 for footnotes in Chicago style

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Mozart music appreciation
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