Attraction and intimacy

APA style includes the following: o Title page o Abstract o Body ▪ Introduction: what is the topic you are writing about and why does it matter to research it? ▪ Body: review relevant literature ▪ Conclusion: summarize what you learned about your topic of interest throughout your research. o Reference page Paper Concept: • You are basically doing a literature review on a topic from your Social Psychology class. • You are expected to identify some key scholarly papers and review them in the paper. • When reviewing a paper, briefly describe the paper’s purpose, methodology, results and conclusion. • You should articulate how the papers you reviewed relate to your topic of interest. • Remember, you are researching a topic that interests you, so you should learn something from your research. • This is not a history paper or a social studies paper. This is a Social Psychology Research Paper. Topic: • Choose any topic at all from Social Psychology • Do not be too broad that you have too much to review, or too narrow that you have nothing to review • You can synthesize different topics if you like, but in the short amount of pages I recommend sticking to one specific topic. References: • “Scholarly references” means peer-reviewed journal articles • A textbook is not a source itself as it is a review of other sources • Wikipedia is not a scholarly source • Magazine (including online) articles are not scholarly articles • I recommend using the PsychInfo Database to locate your sources (or GoogleScholar) • Tips: o Find the topic in the textbook that interests you and locate the source o Find other sources from the introduction of a source you like o In PsychInfo you can find articles that have cited a specific article; so if you like an article, look to see other articles that have cited it. They may also interest you

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Attraction and intimacy
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