Implementing Electronic Health Records

Implementing Electronic Health Records Objective Explain the implementation of electronic health records Assignment Overview In this writing assignment, you will be explaining the implementation of electronic health records. You can access the grading rubric for this assignment here:  DELIVERABLES: The components of the Individual paper include the following: 1.       Cover page 2.       Introduction 3.       Body of the Paper using proper level heading 4.       Conclusion/ Summary 5.        Reference Page Step 1 Reflect on your use of electronic health records. Reflect on your involvement with the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) within the clinical setting (either as a practicing nurse or as a student in the clinical setting). If you have not used an EHR, think about how you might implement an EHR in your practice setting. Answer the questions in Step 2 using this hypothetical EHR system. Step 2 Analyze the implementation of electronic health records. Address the following topics in your paper: ·         Explain at least three functional considerations to take into account when implementing an EHR. ·         Explain regulatory considerations for implementing EHRs. ·         Explain interoperability. Why is interoperability important? ·         Explain data integrity. Why is data integrity important? ·         Explain why the security of data is important when implementing an EHR. ·         Explain the legal concerns surrounding the implementation of EHRs.

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Implementing Electronic Health Records
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